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Why Labour voters should vote Plaid Cymru

by Jon Lansman.

Today Plaid launches its manifesto for the Welsh Assembly elections. Labour voters will not find much with which to disagree, no more than in Labour’s own programme. It defends the record it shared with Labour in Government. It is an unmistakable Left social democratic programme. They attack “the dark shadow of Conservative and Liberal Democrat […]

Clear red water works wonders in Wales

by Jon Lansman.

With Labour 15 points up in the latest YouGov poll on the Welsh Assembly elections, it’s worth remembering some home truths that might come easier from an English observer — the truth isn’t always helpful to party unity in the middle of an election campaign.  New Labour never played well in Wales – it alienated […]

The ‘No to AV’ campaign needs to engage with Labour voters and fast….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

In May, alongside the local and (in Scotland and Wales at least) national elections, there is the small matter  of a referendum to change our voting system to consider. We know that the first electoral test for the Coalition will motivate Labour voters to turn-out and Labour activists to ensure a high turnout. Turnout will […]

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