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Labour’s economic policy – a lingering attachment to austerity

by Peter Kenyon.

There was nothing subtle about economic policy under New Labour. ‘We are getting into bed with business‘. Fingers to the hoi polloi. ‘You’ve got nowhere else to go‘. People in their millions voted blindly for it in 1997. A significant proportion got wise by 2001 and placed their ‘X’ elsewhere or decided ‘None of the […]

Ann Black reports on Labour’s national policy forum

by Ann Black.

Milton Keynes, 18/20 July 2014 Like the last pre-election Forum in 2008 this was held on the hottest weekend of the year, but there the similarities ceased, and not just with the move from Warwick University to Milton Keynes.  For the most part constructive dialogue and willingness to compromise outweighed arm- twisting, and all sections […]

Trade unions vote against ending austerity in 2015

by Jon Lansman.

The climax of Labour’s formal policy process this weekend which had involved 1,300 amendments from local parties to eight policy documents, filtered down and composited by 77 regional representatives, was a debate on austerity. That’s fitting given that it is the foundation of the Coalition’s disastrous economic policy and, unfortunately, in a lighter version, of Ed Balls’s approach too. […]

Labour’s policy process: Ed’s five mistakes and the “dead hand” of central control

by Jon Lansman.

This weekend, the Sunday Times front-page (£) splashed details of what Labour’s so-called ‘policy coordinator’, Jon Cruddas said at a Compass gathering last weekend: that Ed Miliband’s inner circle are wielding a “profound dead hand at the centre” to stop the party adopting bold policies. Wide-ranging imaginitive initiatives proposed by Cruddas’s policy review groups and external think […]

Time to get your amendments in to the policy process

by Jon Lansman.

You have only a few days in which to get your policy amendments in to Labour’s policy process – they must be submitted by constituency party secretaries through the Your Britain website by 13 June. Two weeks later your regional representatives on the national policy forum meet to decide which CLP proposals they wish to […]

Labour members’ incomprehensible non-involvement in the policy process

by David Pavett.

Normally we expect people who make the effort of writing their thoughts down to be giving us the benefit of their efforts to understand something. The purpose of this note is to describe something which I do not understand. I do not understand the almost complete non-response of the media, Labour-supporting websites and Labour Party […]

Ed Has a Plan – but he’s not telling us

by David Pavett.

On his walkabout in South London on 14th August Ed Miliband said “Labour has a plan for economic recovery”. Intrigued by this claim I went to the Labour Party website where, apart from the latest ministerial sound bites, there is nothing answering to that description. For policy matters one is pointed to Labour’s Your Britain […]

Politics at the tipping point

by Michael Meacher.

The polls this weekend reveal clearly that the Cameron-Osborne Tory project is close to imploding. With Lord Ashcroft’s huge trawl of 19,000 voters showing that Labour is on course to win 93 of the most marginal Tory seats, yielding an overall Labour majority of 84 seats at the next general election only 2 years away, […]

Opening up Labour’s policy process

by Jon Lansman.

On the face of it, Labour’s new all-singing all-dancing policy process is open for business. We’re pleased but it’s got a long way to go before we’ll see if it will make a difference. Will policy-making really become less top down? Will party members, constituency parties, and affiliates really have some influence or will the […]

Trident: Labour cannot stay silent

by Tom King.

Labour’s policy review, much needed after 13 years in Government and a drubbing in May 2010, was said to have started from a blank page and would review all our commitments across the board. All, it seems, except Trident. There has been some positive movement, the Britain in the World policy document stated there will […]

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