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Austerity has failed Greece and its people – just as it is failing people here

by Jon Trickett.

In our country austerity is imposed by an elected government. In Greece, however, a government was elected to try a different way out of the crisis. But the will of the people is being thwarted by a troika of largely unelected institutions: the IMF, The European Council and the European Bank.Austerity is endangering the social […]

The Labour left: why we must stay

by Ben Sellers.

When I read Michael Chessum’s piece in the New Statesman, I felt the immediate need to respond. Not because I was outraged, but because I think he has hit on a crucial debate about where the Labour left have been and where we go next. I’m sure that virtually every socialist in the party has […]

Labour needs to confront not appease the UKIP agenda

by Barry Gray.

In the wake of UKIP’s electoral advance, both at this year’s General Election and last year’s European Parliament election, the Labour Party has come under growing pressure, from inside and outside its own ranks, to adapt to UKIP’s anti-immigrant and English nationalist agenda. Backed by the right-wing media, the Blue Labour current within the party in […]

Labour is at a crossroads – socialism or austerity?

by Peter Rowlands.

Labour must understand why it did so badly in the election, as it is unlikely to be able to mount a successful campaign in the future if it doesn’t. Much has been written already, although we await a full analysis in terms of voting patterns and movement by age, class, gender etc., but from what […]

Abandon austerity: we have nothing to lose but our fears

by Bryan Gould.

The aftermath of election defeat for Labour has been marked by the familiar combination of soul-searching and mutual recrimination. The remnants of New Labour bemoan the supposed failure to address the concerns of middle-of-the-road voters, and point to the lessons they believe should be drawn from Tony Blair’s three successive election victories. Those who would […]

No going back: Labour needs a clean break

by Jon Trickett.

History, Marx remarked, often repeats itself. The first time as tragedy and the second time as farce. If we don’t understand history we will certainly be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. And so it is that we can learn a lesson from the Conservatives. Mrs Thatcher showed the Tories how to win […]

Why Labour lost – the disturbing perspective of Annette from Scotland

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I certainly don’t agree with all of what is said here. For instance, it assumes much of the English and Welsh political landscape is similar to Scotland. The piece below, however, contains some very uncomfortable truths for all Labour people. It behoves us all to pause and reflect on some of the disastrous decisions made […]

Labour’s new MPs call for party to ditch New Labour and oppose austerity

by Guest.

Ten newly-elected first-time Labour MPs this morning issued a call for the party to take on a bold anti-austerity agenda: Having arrived in Westminster as newly-elected Labour MPs after speaking to tens of thousands of voters during our election campaigns, we know how important it is for the future of our Party to move forward […]

Why any Labour leader who can’t reach working class voters will lose again

by Jon Trickett.

This is a defining moment for the future, and arguably the survival, of the Labour Party. In the coming months there will be much debate about what went wrong and where next. In 2005, I produced evidence that Labour had lost 4 million voters since the election in 1997. A substantial part of these missing […]

How the election was won – smears, bogus ‘successes’ & the Left’s failure at rebuttal

by Bryan Gould.

Democracy is a messy and unpredictable business. The response to the British general election may well be to shrug one’s shoulders – and perhaps to enjoy the discomfort of all those pollsters and pundits who got it wrong. Perhaps the popular will is harder to read than we thought. Or perhaps not. Perhaps what we […]

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