Time to ban ‘revenge porn’

Secrets of an Essex GirlAnother Sunday, another case of celebrity revenge porn. This time Lauren Goodger from The Only Way is Essex is the victim and the piece itself is said to be a six second clip of her performing “a sex act”. You don’t need a particularly filthy imagination to work out what that might be. The alleged culprit is apparently an ex-partner, Goodger’s “co-star”.

As I’ve argued before, ‘revenge porn‘ is something of a misnomer. Porn, regardless of content, is performed by willing participants who also consent to its dissemination. Performers might be professional and do it for payment, or amateurs giving it a go for kinky kicks. Revenge porn on the other hand misses one or both elements of consent and therefore is a form of sexual assault. In Goodger’s case this is doubly so as she has not consented to the clip’s circulation, and wasn’t aware she was being filmed. Continue reading

We need to talk about porn

CybersexYou can’t move for it. Porn, that is. So ubiquitous has it become that the Graun even has its own dedicated porn page. We are, apparently, living in something called ‘pornified culture’. Diane Abbot has very recently partly blamed this for a crisis of masculinity. Christians lament the damage pornified culture has on relationships, and feminists have consistently critiqued the adult industry for its depiction of women. It’s everywhere. There’s even soon-to-be an academic journal dedicated to the study of porn. Though I for one am not sure how “the compression of editing reshape the relationship between director and audience” in Hairy Babes Compilations 1, 2, and 4 adds something to the sum total of human knowledge. Continue reading

Remind me, who was it who banned pictures of anal fisting?

Simon Walsh has today, thankfully, been found not guilty at Kingston Crown Court of possessing “extreme pornography” — primarily images of consenting gay men engaged in legal acts of anal fisting. Had he been found guilty, he would have faced a possible penalty of three years in custody and inclusion on the sex offenders’ register. Damage to his personal and professional standing he will probably suffer anyway — he is a barrister who, amongst other things, prosecutes police officers accused of disciplinary offences (no connection suggested, obvously). Continue reading