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Labour still underperforms in selection of women and BAME council candidates

by Jon Lansman.

Figures reported to Labour’s national executive committee yesterday show that, whilst it may be doing better than other parties, it is still failing to ensure that its candidates for English local councils reflect their populations. With selections now having taken place in the vast majority of winnable seats, the proportion of women candidates is as […]

Have the feminists won, or did Blairism see us off?

by Christine Shawcroft.

NEC member Christine Shawcroft looks at the history of women’s organisation in the Labour Party. When I first tried setting up local women’s organisations in the Labour Party, it was the late 70s and they were generally known as Ladies’ Sections. The word “women” was considered rather uncouth. You needed the agreement of your (overwhelmingly […]

A business class hero is something to be

by David Osler.

So you are a reasonably successful business person with an interest in politics, but you lack the elementary ideological commitment actually to take out a Labour Party membership card. Well, you’re in luck. Ed Miliband will today unveil his plans to make you a Labour councillor, or even an MP. The news comes just one day after […]

A gender balanced leadership – the least-bad option?

by Jon Lansman.

All credit to Harriet Harman for using her position to advance the cause of gender balance significantly within the party and who now proposes a gender-balanced leadership which has been taken up by Peter Hain’s Refounding Labour to win. The solution proposed is electing Labour’s leader and deputy on a joint ticket with a deputy (of […]

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