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Shenanigans & filibustering – how the whips block bills the majority want

by Michael Meacher.

Fifty years ago private members’ bills were an important channel by which MPs, if they were lucky enough in the draw, had the opportunity to pilot legislation through Parliament of some real local or even national significance. This small but valuable opportunity has now been closed by the steady interference of the executive. Friday was […]

A bill to challenge tax avoidance

by Michael Meacher.

Despite the budget deficit not reducing over the last three years, the government has still not tackled the huge black hole of tax avoidance and evasion. That’s why I am promoting a bill to ensure that the tax liabilities both of the wealthiest individuals and the biggest corporations are made public and that the beneficial […]

Publish tax returns of the top 250 companies and 250 richest individuals

by Michael Meacher.

They’re all at it. It’s not just Starbucks , Google and Amazon that are running rings round HMRC and the tax laws, it’s virtually all the top UK 250 companies which are deliberately cheating UK taxpayers of the tax receipts due. No less than 98% of the FTSE-100 companies have a subsidiary in a tax […]

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