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Austerity: trade unions agree coordinated strike action on 14 Oct against pay freeze

by John Millington.

Three of Britain’s biggest unions  have agreed to escalate their dispute over pay with a coordinated strike in October, days before a massive demonstration against cuts. The three unions –  GMB, UNISON and Unite, have agreed that their members will run a coordinated strike of their local government and school members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on […]

Respect to Owen Smith and Labour backing for public sector workers’ strike

by Jon Lansman.

Back in January 2012, just after the Tory-led government announced that public sector pay would be frozen and then rise by only 1% in the two years to 2015, which amounted to a significant pay cut in real terms, Labour’s Ed Balls (without prior consultation, we were informed at the time, with Ed Miliband) announced that […]

Hunt’s attack on NHS pay is provocative, unfair and insulting

by Michael Meacher.

Hunt’s excuse for trying to block the 1% pay increase (when inflation is running at 3%) for 1.3 million NHS workers, due in April next year, doesn’t add up. He says it would cost £0.5bn and the incremental payments which have always been paid annually, which Hunt is also trying to end, would cost £0.7bn, […]

Britain needs a pay rise to kickstart growth

by Jon Lansman.

On the day when Ed Miliband put the prime minister under severe pressure about declining living standards, newly published figures show that, since the onset of recession in 2008, the real value of wages has fallen by 7%, or more than £50 billion a year. In the same period there’s been a real drop in consumer […]

Regional pay on top of pay cuts and job cuts from a government meaner than Thatcher’s

by Michael Meacher.

To introduce regional pay in the public sector (i.e. lower pay in the poorer regions) after already subjecting employees to a 2-year pay freeze, pension cuts and a quarter of a million job deliberate job cuts – in the same budget as removing the 50% tax rate on the 1% ultra-rich – is making this […]

GMB Congress to give Labour’s leaders a roasting over public sector pay freeze

by Jon Lansman.

It emerged today that no fewer than one quarter of the motions to the GMB Congress — eighty in all — relate to the political stance of the union. This comes after comments last month from general secretary Paul Kenny who warned that Labour support for real cuts in pay could have a “profound impact” […]

What is Balls up to?

by Michael Meacher.

What is Ed Balls up to? His statement this weekend, at the Fabian conference, that he endorses Osborne’s public sector wage freeze until the end of this Parliament – possibly 3.5 years away – and accepts all the government’s spending cuts finally crosses a red line. At a time when the central economic problem is […]

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