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We want pensions justice

by Jon Lansman.

Thank you to Brendan Barber and the TUC for a fine video.

Resounding ‘Yes’ votes for pension strike

by Jon Lansman.

With the announcement of UCATT and GMB votes in support of strike action on 30 November, the support for action has been overwhelming in every case. The GMB voted 84% in favour on a 33% turnout across many thousands of employers. The Building workers (UCATT) voted by almost the same margin on a slightly lower […]

Public Sector Pensions: the Government’s on the run, but must go further and faster

by Michael Meacher.

Until the Unison ballot result (nine-tenths in favour of strike action on 30 November, just 3 weeks away), the Government was intending to force public sector workers to pay 50% more into their pension schemes for a pension which would be worth 50% less and for which they would have to work much longer. The […]

Why the government’s pensions offer is not enough

by Newsdesk.

In this guide to separating the fact from the fiction in the government’s pensions offer earlier this week, the PCS tests direct quotes from Treasury secretary Danny Alexander’s statement in the House of Commons against the reality. You can also read a fuller guide to the issues involved in the  pamphlet – Fair Pensions for […]

Pensions: the power of the strike threat

by David Osler.

Whether or not the Coalition’s latest proposals on public sector pensions constitute ‘a very fair offer’ – as David Cameron insists – is a question best left to those with sounder knowledge of actuarial principles than I shall ever acquire. Yet one thing is immediately clear. No improvements whatsoever would be on the table without […]

Reasons to vote for strike action on public sector pensions

by Michael Meacher.

This week, 1.1 million members of Unison received their ballot papers asking them if they supported strike action in the event of the Government remaining fixed in their position that public service employees must pay more towards their pension, work further years before drawing their pension, and finally receive a smaller pension than had been […]

Share your private sector horror stories

by Owen Jones.

Bloated. Inefficient. Wasteful. Pampered. Manned by the lazy and incompetent; administered by shameless fat cats with salaries that make the Prime Minister look like a pauper. All-expenses paid trips to exotic locations. Non-jobs like ‘Executive Officer to Protect Endangered Snakes’. This is Britain’s public sector, if the relentless campaign of bile directed against it by the Conservative Party […]

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