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A dreadful spending review but Labour still has key lessons to learn

by Michael Meacher.

Toryism was out in its most naked colours yesterday. Osborne wants an additional £11.5bn spending cuts by 2015-6, and intends to get them by £5bn so-called efficiency savings (a hypocritical blanket cover for straightforward cuts), £2.6bn cuts to local authority budgets (already cut by 30-40% since 2010 for many Councils in the North), and £500m […]

Osborne’s zombified spending review

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

When his pallid figure rose to address the House just after lunch time, there was no sign of the urbane, erotic charm characteristic of the intelligent, blood-sucking undead. Instead, what we got was a cadaverous chancellor devoid of all thought, save that of the decaying dogma that animates his being. This spending review, this budget […]

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