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The queen’s speech exposes Tory weakness

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

British politics has taken a turn for the worse of late, but let’s not forget its settled, normal status is weird. Last week’s Queen’s speech – the outline of “her” government’s legislative programme for the coming year – is a case in point. In the thinnest of gruel, which we will come to sift through […]

The Coalition’s Last Stand

by Grahame Morris.

Dennis Skinner summed up the country’s mood when he declared the recent Queen’s speech to be the “Coalition’s last stand.” The Government set out their agenda for the next 12 months leading up to the general election. It was a missed opportunity, lacking the ideas, policy and ambition that is required to meet the challenges we face, […]

A royal whimper when we need to supplant 35 years of Tory and pseudo-Tory rule

by Michael Meacher.

The Queen’s Speech, drafted in deathlessly trite prose by civil servants and special advisers, should – and occasionally does – rise to the challenge of setting the national agenda. This one was flat all the way through. There was nothing about countering austerity, allowing hard-working people to share in the recovery with a proper wage […]

Watch Dennis Skinner’s 2013 Queen’s Speech heckle

by Conrad Landin.

Nice one! Now join the campaign to Save Our Royal Mail.

Fat cats won’t lose a moment’s sleep over Osborne’s banking bill

by Michael Meacher.

Arguably the most important bill in a weak and flaccid Queen’s Speech today is the Banking Bill. But it is a fiasco. It has one central objective – to prevent too-big-to fail banks from being bankrupted by the recklessness of their investment bankers and requiring another gargantuan bail-out at ruinous cost to taxpayers and deep […]

Another unmentionable word in the Queen’s Speech: wealth

by Michael Meacher.

Apart from assuring us that the government’s main objective was economic stability – the stability of the graveyard it seems in this government’s case – the only other significant things in the Queen’s Speech were what it didn’t contain, not anything it did contain. Nothing about housebuilding, an infrastructure bank, reviving manufacturing, boosting capital investment, […]

Politics in wonderland: not too many enthralled

by Michael Meacher.

You couldn’t invent it. There’s really only one issue in Britain today that ultimately matters: how to get growth. All the political parties recognise that, indeed proclaim it, but none of them put forward the policies that will actually deliver it. The Queen’s Speech is an irrelevance, with a whopping big black hole in the […]

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