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Without renewables, you get fracking and human rights abuses

by Michael Meacher.

Britain as an island off the mainland of Europe potentially has greater capacity for production of renewable energy than almost the whole of the rest of Europe put together, mainly from onshore and offshore wind, wave and tidal power, and Scottish hydropower. Yet UK electricity production from renewable energy, though it has increased in the […]

Tories trashing promises as well as the environment

by Michael Meacher.

How about this for ‘the greenest government ever’?: Appointing as the new secretary of state for energy a man who hates windfarms, loves airports, and wants to maximise the exploitation of shale gas?

Energy supply is national security issue, not for flogging off to China

by Michael Meacher.

Cameron has often said Britain is open for business.   What it seems he meant was Britain is open for sale.   There is no other country in the world which would throw open its strategic industrial sectors to a foreign power.   That is exactly what the Tories are now proposing to do with handing over the building and […]

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