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Is Cameron mad, or the cat’s paw of wacky backbenchers?

by Michael Meacher.

If one wanted a clear example (out of many) where ideology trumps common-sense in Cameron’s Tory party, you couldn’t do better than energy policy. And specifically, the government’s latest knee-jerk reaction against onshore wind turbines. They are a significant and fast-growing source of electricity in the UK and by far the cheapest source available to […]

Breakdown in Government energy policy as windfarm axed

by Michael Meacher.

The decision by RWE/nPower, the big German energy company, to drop the £4bn Atlantic Array windfarm project in the Bristol Channel sends out alarm bells in all directions. First, it shows the unreliability of depending on foreign suppliers of energy who, when in economic difficulties, will cut back on commitments abroad in order to maintain […]

Why capping energy prices and investment in renewables are badly needed

by Michael Burke.

The announcement by Ed Miliband that Labour would temporarily cap energy prices is a welcome one. But the reaction to it reveals to deep-seated problems of the British economy and British politics. According to Labour’s own (uncontested) research household energy bills have risen by 29% in 3 years. Therefore the pledge to cap prices rises for […]

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