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Paul Ryan’s nasty lesson for Britain

by Michael Meacher.

The arrival of Paul Ryan on the US Presidential scene not only has big implications for that election in November (perhaps the opponent that Obama really wanted), but also casts interesting light on the British political situation. Ryan’s plan is based on the now regular US Republican device of unfunded tax cuts – a device […]

The Tea Party brings you the freedom to die

by Jon Lansman.

An extract from the CNN Tea Party debate deep in the heart of Florida last Monday night. Between, amongst others, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Congressman Ron Paul and Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann, ex-Utah governor Jon Huntsman, and former speaker Newt Gingrich. The real “stars”, however, are the audience. When Ron Paul is […]

Uncompromising fanaticism in favour of the rich now rules on both sides of the Atlantic

by Michael Meacher.

There was rejoicing when the US House of Representatives finally passed the deal to lift the debt ceiling, just as there was when Osborne sat down in the House at the end of his June 2010 budget. Relief all round for the Republican Tea Party and the Tory Right because the monstrous excesses of their […]

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