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The return of George Galloway to Labour – yes or no?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Ever since the election of Jeremy – and before – there has been whispering that the Gorgeous One, George Galloway will make a triumphant return to Labour. Ever since his expulsion from the party for “bringing it into disrepute” for suggesting that soldiers should disobey orders given by officers, it’s no secret that he has held […]

General election 2015: far left candidates – the definitive list

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I just know you’ve been waiting for this: the combined list of far left candidates for the 2015 general election – so far. For once you can believe the hype. This could well be their biggest election challenge ever with 215 candidates – the last time they came close was 2001 off the back of […]

George Galloway and Respect

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

A leader in crisis … stubborn representative voicing discontent and being “unhelpful” … on this occasion it’s not Dave or Ed who are getting it in the neck. This time it’s George Galloway and Respect that have lurched into yet another crisis. What sparked this episode off was a bit of old news. Back in June, Galloway […]

The paradox of George Galloway

by Andy Newman.

It is fair to say that George Galloway is not universally popular. It is therefore unsurprising that his attendance at a meeting with Ed Miliband was used by the increasingly desperate Blairites as ammunition to undermine the Labour leader. They claimed that Ed Miliband was preparing to welcome Galloway back into the Labour Party. An […]

Now’s no time to ditch Labour

by Conrad Landin.

“Responsible capitalism.” It’s a phrase that rolls off the tongue with great ease nowadays. Claimed by Ed Miliband as he attacked “predator” energy companies, media groups and banks, it was seen as a huge Labour success when the term spread across the political spectrum. At least Labour is no longer “intensely relaxed” about people getting […]

No platform for Israelis?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

No Platform for Israelis. So says George Galloway in the video above. Oh dear. Galloway’s career has seen alternating cycles of popular acclaim and public self-immolation. As Galloway is an intelligent man and a seasoned political bruiser, none of this is entirely accidental.

Respect & UKIP after Rotherham & Croydon: Part 1 – Respect’s last gasp

by Jon Lansman.

Last week, Labour, under Iain McNicol’s effective management, mounted an impressive campaign to defeat the perceived threat in Croydon and Rotherham by-elections from Respect. Though Labour’s continuing failure to develop an anti-austerity strategy and thoroughly reconnect with working class voters still leaves it exposed to some future threat from the left, it won’t come from […]

Congratulations Sarah: now let’s learn the lessons of Rotherham

by Conrad Landin.

Congratulations to Sarah Champion, the new Labour MP for Rotherham (full results below). She will no doubt do a great job in the role – we hope better than her predecessor Denis MacShane. So can we all breathe a sigh of relief? Well, of course, in that Labour won. Respect may be capable of delivering […]

Respect: two, three, many Bradford Wests?

by David Osler.

I am unsure what punishment sharia law provides for honey glazing married ladies. But I hope Lee Jasper checked this point out before accepting the Respect nomination for the Croydon North by-election this week, if only for his own safety. Meanwhile, the redoubtable Yvonne Ridley is running on the same ticket in Rotherham, and from […]

On leaving Respect

by Kate Hudson and Andrew Burgin.

Kate Hudson and Andrew Burgin, each of whom are officers of the Stop the War Coalition and anti-austerity campaigners but with different political pasts, have in the last six months both joined and left Respect together. This is their account: Joining Respect We joined Respect two days after George Galloway’s outstanding victory in Bradford, in […]

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