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Housing is now financialised, like the rest of market capitalism

by Michael Meacher.

The enforced sell-off of housing association homes, at the same enormous discounts as under Right to Buy (£70,000+ for a flat and up to £102,000 for a house) is driven by the two Tory goals, not only to act as bribes for voters at election time, but also to bring homes as an asset into […]

Tories make tenants and homeless pay for social housing give away as election bribe

by Michael Meacher.

The desperate search for shrinking votes has pushed Iain Duncan Smith into yet another spectacular own goal. His latest pet idea is to extend the Right to Buy to Britain’s 2.5m housing association tenants. However, whilst social homes are owned by Councils, this latest Tory brainwave means selling off housing association assets which are private property […]

Young Labour demands wealth super-tax and scrapping of ‘right to buy’

by Newsdesk.

Young Labour’s first conference with written policy motions has seen delegates vote for radical measures to address the cost of living crisis and kick-start the economy. The two-day event in Bradford, which concluded yesterday (Sunday) voted to call on the Labour manifesto to include a one off  “super-tax” which would seize ten per cent of […]

‘Right to buy’ has brought Rachman back from the dead

by Michael Meacher.

Since the 1980s, when Thatcher introduced the ‘right to buy’, some two million tenants of council houses/flats have bought their homes, aided by discounts of up to £60,000. The market, however, has its own way of working. Instead of producing the acclaimed ‘property-owning democracy’, it has resurrected the evil practices of the 1950s and 60s. […]

Kid gloves for the Banks and throw the poor on the street?

by Michael Meacher.

Businesses need funding fast, so why doesn’t Osborne just order RBS and Lloyds to ratchet up the lending? After all, he controls 80% of the former and 40% of the latter, more than those who talked about seizing the ‘commanding heights’ of the economy ever dreamed of. Why instead does he go cap in hand […]

You can keep your home, but only if you buy it!

by Jon Lansman.

The decision of the government to extend right-to-buy sales not only in time but also in scope — to housing association tenants — is disastrous, but also completely at odds with its other attacks on tenants and those in housing need. The attack on tenants’ security of tenure through regular reviews and fixed tenancies for […]

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