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Darcus Howe: setting the record straight

by Conrad Landin.

Four of us stood glued to the television for the best part of five minutes. We were all familiar with Darcus Howe. For my part, I’d seen his gripping TV series on English identity, White Tribe, several years before. This was 2011, and in the wake of riots that the political establishment were struggling to […]

Cause for concern: Darcus Howe and the struggle to expose police racism

by Conrad Landin.

One of the most exciting books on the shelves at the moment is the new “political biography” of Darcus Howe, the activist and journalist. Howe has steadfastly refused, unlike so many others, to join the ranks of the establishment. We’ll be publishing a review soon, but in the meantime, you can read an extract at […]

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