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Royal Wedding Special No 3: The conclusion… of England’s bourgeois revolution

by Jon Lansman.

It’s official, David Starkey says so: the old aristocracy, the one based on land and genealogy, is dead. The entitlement of the new ruling class to be gathered in Westminster Abbey last Friday is based on money alone. A public school education certainly helps, but lots of money will do, however you acquired it. Posh […]

Royal Wedding Special No 2: Tyrants on the guest list

by Jon Lansman.

The royal wedding is not a state occasion, or so it was claimed to justify the non-inclusion of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Perhaps that is just as well, since Westminster Abbey would have contained many more tyrants if it was. Neverthess the guest list still contains seven “royal” tyrants who are expected to attend […]

Royal Wedding Special No 1: a living wage for royal cleaners

by Jon Lansman.

Guests at the royal wedding reception on Friday will no doubt find the royal staterooms at Buckingham Palace clean and spotless for the occasion. Will and Kate will no doubt be shocked to hear that the cleaners who will have made it that way are paid just £6.45 an hour. The same applies to the […]

Republicanism – its about democracy…

by Darrell Goodliffe.

I was highly amused to read of the ‘threat’ posed by those dastardly union ‘barons’ to the Royal Wedding; it was correctly pointed out to me on Twitter when I tweeted my support that, given the fact that this event has already been deemed worthy of a Bank Holiday, this ‘threat’ is something of a hollow one. […]

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