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Labour right seek to curtail council selections and leadership electorate

by Newsdesk.

Labour First calls itself the voice of Labour’s “moderates” dedicated to keeping the party “safe from the organised hard left, and those who seek to divert us from the work of making life better for ordinary working people and their families.” Yesterday its secretary, Labour national executive candidate Luke Akehurst, announced in a letter to supporters […]

Democratic changes up for decision at Labour’s conference next week

by Peter Willsman.

At Labour’s conference in Manchester next week, delegates will be debating and voting on a number of key changes to the party’s rule book, tabled both by the national executive and by constituency parties. Grassroots proposals, under an obscure convention (known as the ‘1968 Ruling’) have been delayed for a year but the executive can agree rule changes one week and have them voted on by conference the following week! […]

Young Labour: “any weakening of the union link should be opposed”

by Newsdesk.

The national committee of the Labour Party’s young wing, Young Labour, vowed on Wednesday night “to defend the right of trade union members through their affiliated trade union to take part in the selection of candidates at every level of the party”. Young Labour joins scores of grassroots activists and party units in expressing concern […]

How to make Labour more democratic

by Peter Willsman.

When the local election are over, dedicated Labour activists have time to reflect on Labour’s conference and what changes are necessary to give Labour’s members the voice that Ed Miliband promised but which Refounding Labour failed to deliver. Apart from making sure you have a good delegate and your constituency party nominates for this year’s […]

Can Labour revive its democracy?

by Conrad Landin.

All hail, Arnie Graf. Once again, the press are heralding a new “guru” for dear leader Ed Miliband. Graf, like Maurice “Blue Labour” Glasman before him, says he offers fresh ideas to make the Labour Party vibrant once more. His “community organising” and “Obama mentor” repertoire is ideal – here’s the man steeped in the […]

A chance for concrete reforms in the original spirit of Refounding Labour

by Peter Willsman.

One of the functions of Labour conference is to consider proposed changes to the party constitution. Some of these rule changes will be proposed by the national executive committee (NEC). These will be set out in the Delegates Report issued to delegates before Conference. Advice in relation to these rule changes will be given to […]

Labour Executive’s Wreckers’ Charter

by Jon Lansman.

Labour’s executive is to propose a rule change next week which legitimizes and facilitates attempts by mavericks and malcontents to undermine the party leader as repeatedly happened under Gordon Brown’s leadership. The amendment provides that “where there is no vacancy, nominations may be sought by potential challengers each year prior to the annual session of […]

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