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George Galloway, the media, and the end of Respect

by Jon Lansman.

The departure of Salma Yaqoob and the withdrawal as a candidate by Kate Hudson may well mark the end of Respect. The Galloway hate-mongers seem to think the story is all about George Galloway. Galloway is “a sham”, Liberal Conspiracy has it, and Respect is a Galloway “ego-proxy” says Labour Uncut. George Galloway, warts and all, has […]

Salma Yaqoob leaves Respect

by Jon Lansman.

Salma Yaqoob, until now leader of the Respect Party, has just announced that she has left the party.  Although her statement does not refer directly to George Galloway’s recent comments, it speaks of a breakdown of trust and collaborative working. Coming so soon after the withdrawal of Kate Hudson as parliamentary candidate in Manchester Central, […]

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