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The postwar Europe project has failed – we need a new and very different one

by Jon Lansman.

The European political project has failed: what was conceived as a means of preserving peace has become, through the outlawing of an expansionary fiscal policy by the Merkel-Sarkozy pact, an instrument to create division, inequality and conflict. Like the Left is increasingly doing across Europe (and the public did some time before), we must reject it […]

Cameron marginalises Britain for no gain at all

by Michael Meacher.

It is almost surreal that Cameron exercised his veto when (i) there had been no serious or detailed examination of EU financial services regulation at the point when he did so, (ii) financial services regulation was not a central issue on the agenda at all, and (iii) there had been no discussion on the real […]

Not much grand about this EU bargain

by Michael Meacher.

The praeternatural calm that has descended on the financial markets after Merkel-Sarkozy declared a ‘comprehensive’ bargain on Monday is unlikely to survive the Friday summit as the details sink in about what is involved, and even more about what is left out. Meanwhile back in Britain there is sound and fury from the Tory Right […]

Tobin Tax: not quite the Fourth Reich

by David Osler.

I suppose it is a short step from accusing both Gordon Brown and David Cameron of wanting to ‘Sovietise’ Britain to proclaiming Angela Merkel guilty of stealing pages from the Hitler playbook. But it is analysis and insight of precisely this calibre, nuance and measured tone that has made rightwing commentator Simon Heffer the intellectual power […]

Libyan mission creep: Labour should back international law, not NATO

by Jon Lansman.

The three NATO leaders have now made clear their objective in Libya — and it is regime change and not the more limited objectives set by the UN. Regime change is not a legitimate objective for NATO’s leaders to determine. It is an entirely legitimate aspiration for the Libyan people. It could become a legitimate […]

It’s Political Union or Eurozone breakup. There’s no middle way

by Michael Meacher.

For the third time in a row – Greece, Ireland and now Portugal – the continuing Eurozone crisis is being handled badly. A Portuguese bail-out will shortly be arranged among the EU countries, but in practice dominated by the conditions laid down by the most powerful country, Germany. This may seem reasonable given that Germany […]

It’s the Right, not the Left, in retreat across Europe

by Michael Meacher.

One of the perils of politicians is that no sooner have they made a grand pronouncement on the sweep of history, as they perceive it, than events immediately conspire to prove that they had totally misread the runes and that the opposite is true.   That seems the fate of David Miliband who a month or two […]

Want To Know What Is Really Happening in Britain? Read the US Press!

by Mark Seddon.

Here is a huge UK domestic political story, with major ramifications for the future direction both for nuclear defence and foreign policy. It goes to the heart of Britain’s relations with the United States and with Europe. Had this been taking place against the backdrop of a Labour Government, you can guarantee that much of […]

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