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Behind the lure of Scottish independence lies the threat of “divide and rule”

by Richard Leonard.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress met this week in Dundee, where the Chartists took strike action in August 1842 and marched from Magdalen Green to Forfar for the right of working people to vote. Meeting at such a highly charged time, with the referendum on the creation of a separate Scottish state just weeks away, we should […]

A fresh vision for devolution in Scotland

by Dave Watson.

Scottish Labour’s Devolution Commission and the accompanying policy paper provides what has been long missing from the No campaign – a fresh vision for devolution. A vision that provides new powers, but just as important, a start towards setting the agenda for what Scottish Labour would do with new powers – powers for a purpose. Two […]

Scottish Labour repositions itself to the left of the SNP

by Jon Lansman.

Though the swirling waters of the River Tay looked freezing, the sun shone on Scottish Labour’s conference in Perth this weekend. And inside the conference hall, delegates seemed more confident than last year. Not necessarily that they will win the vote on independence – there is no complacency there – nor that they have got […]

Why Scottish Labour needs a new vision for 2016

by Dave Watson.

Scottish Labour’s electoral recovery continues with last week’s Scottish Parliament by-election win in Cowdenbeath. However, in 2016 the party will need to develop a new narrative and polices to attract the voters it needs to form a government. In 2011, Scottish Labour suffered a major electoral defeat and the hands of the SNP who mobilised […]

The Labour-union link: the view from Scotland

by Dave Watson.

Ed Miliband’s dog whistle reaction to the Westminster bubble was not just a poor tactical response; it reflects the political elite’s failure to understand the wider Labour movement. It also has particular consequences for the Scottish Labour Party. For those outside the Westminster bubble there is bewilderment as to how Ed got himself into this […]

A radical alternative for Scotland with lessons for the rest of Britain

by Jon Lansman.

Featuring prominent trade unionists, politicians, political activists, academics and researchers, a book was published this week by Scottish Labour’s Red Paper Collective, focused on the constitutional debate, but with a wider application in the battle of ideas for a fairer Scotland. Class, Nation and Socialism, available now  at £7.99, takes an unashamedly class-based perspective, but has […]

SNP cuts and tax breaks for the rich – no thanks

by Newsdesk.

The Campaign for Socialism is an organisation committed to a non sectarian, pluralist agenda of socialist renewal within the Scottish Labour Party. It and the Citizen have given a platform to the Red Paper Collective in the publication of the pamphlet People Power. The Campaign for Socialism have welcomed the recent call from Johann Lamont for “a real […]

Glasgow scapegoated for Labour’s failure in Scotland

by Jim MacKechnie.

As Autumn 2011 saw Scotland preparing for this year’s local authority elections, party officials masterminded a massive cull of Glasgow City’s Labour councillors. Fifteen out of forty-seven sitting councillors were rejected for the panel of candidates. Another three were denied an interview as they had previously been placed under suspension – one for almost two […]

Scottish Labour’s night of the long knives

by Jon Lansman.

Devolution within the UK Labour Party came alive this week at Labour’s John Smith House HQ in Glasgow when  Johann Lamont showed her mettle in a cull of senior  party figures. Party General Secretary since 2008, Colin Smyth, will leave his post shortly, he announced to staff this morning. Rami Okasha, the party’s head of […]

Six things Labour should not say about Scottish independence

by Jon Lansman.

We’ve already argued that Unionism will not win back Scottish Labour voters. That unfortunately has not dissuaded Labour’s front bench in Westminster. It’s time then for specifics. It’s not just about the future of the Union. It is also about whether the SNP repeat their trouncing of Labour in local and Westminster elections.  YouGov yesterday showed […]

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