On Tory indifference to steel and to human tragedy, and their hatred of solidarity

tata steel jobs copyIt was like the crashing of dominoes, except the toppling was done by livelihoods, supply chains, ways of life. First, SSI in Redcar announced it was going belly up. And after toing and froing with the government, once it was clear state aid wasn’t forthcoming it was as if Britain’s steel bosses huddled together and decided the time was right for job losses.

2,200 are going in Redcar. Tata are shedding 1,200 in Scunthorpe and Lanarkshire, and a further 1,800 are in danger. They blame energy costs and the flooding of European markets by dirt cheap Chinese steel. That’s the government’s narrative as well, ruling out action on grounds it’s against EU rules. It’s convenient to have someone else to blame. Continue reading