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The dreams peddled by the oil and gas industries turn out to be fantasies

by Michael Meacher.

The one thing Osborne loves to tell us, constantly, is that the future of energy production lies in fracking and that he will do everything in his power to maximise shale drilling in Britain, even to the extent of allowing drilling to be carried out on private land without permission. However this oasis of future […]

Osborne says gas bills will go down – but do we believe him?

by Michael Meacher.

George Osborne, ever anxious to shoot Labour’s fox, has attempted to counter Ed Miliband’s hugely popular call for a lengthy energy price freeze. He has proclaimed that the market can do better – by covering much of the country with shale gas drilling rigs. That will dramatically lower gas prices, as it has in the […]

Is this the brownest government ever?

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne, in his Autumn Statement, ratified 30 new gas power sites and gave the green light to major shale gas exploration. The aim is to ensure that gas-fired power provides half of generation capacity by 2030. Some 26 gigawatts of new power capacity will be needed to replace nuclear and coal-fired plants closing down before  […]

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