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Žižek on ideology

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I have finally got round to reading Žižek’s The Sublime Object of Ideology and it is absolutely fascinating. I’d like to share this very short extract because a) I’m too lazy to blog properly tonight and, b) I’ll never look at ideology the same way again. Some context is necessary. The traditional Marxist understanding of ideology – […]

Why President Obama won (translating Slavoj Zizek)

by Carl Packman.

The radical French philosopher Alain Badiou was asked, after the 2009 US election, what he thought of the then President-elect Barack Obama, to which he responded, only partly amusingly: “Obama? As actor or as politician?” It wasn’t meant negatively, he went on to explain, but rather that Obama had convincingly pulled off a return to […]

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