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We need an ideological revival, but not what’s being offered

by Michael Meacher.

Whilst Big Society may be a vacuous slogan, Cameron’s commitment to deconstruct the State, as he told us explicitly three weeks ago, is very real.   Following hard on the dismantling of the NHS, he made clear that there would be no public service, with the sole exception of national security and the judiciary, which could […]

Where are the Social Democrats now?

by Jon Lansman.

Polly Toynbee reminded us yesterday of who were some of the social democrats in the great Labour break-away of the early 1980s: Andrew Lansley, for example, now a Tory dismantling the NHS, and opposed by his former colleague, Shirley Williams, now in the Lib Dems. Danny Finkelstein advised one Tory leader (William Hague) just as his colleague, Andrew […]

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