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Rochdale gang sexual abuse linked to private equity care turmoil

by Michael Meacher.

The sexual abuse by the gang uncovered in Rochdale is horrific enough, and made worse by the abject failure of the police to respond to pleas for help from the teenage victims over several years, but questions have naturally been asked about how such young girls could have been preyed on so extensively when they […]

Hinchingbrooke hospital: lessons of Southern Cross

by David Osler.

Southern Cross became a FTSE 250 company on the back of the profits it made from looking after the elderly. Earlier this year it realised that it could no longer afford the rent on the care homes it once owned, but had sold off and leased back. Unlike most business models that don’t pan out, […]

Southern Cross links exposed with Qatar, RBS & Goldman Sachs

by Michael Meacher.

The story behind Southern Cross that is slowly being exposed gets worse by the hour. We now know from research by the GMB, which represents nearly 11,000 staff employed by Southern Cross, that up to half of the properties at the 753 care homes were acquired by a company called NHP, of which the ultimate […]

Because elderly people lack political clout, social care is in crisis

by Michael Meacher.

If there’s one good thing about Southern Cross and Winterbourne View, it’s that they bring the scandal over care for the elderly to boiling point.   Yes, the depredations of uncontrolled private equity in both cases masking a killing out of the most vulnerable should now lead to regulation reining them in over social care – […]

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