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The special relationship and the difference a day makes

by Kate Hudson.

Suddenly, politics is before and after ‘last Thursday’. Before last Thursday, Britain was America’s poodle, prepared to pay the ‘blood price’ for our special relationship, riding pillion passenger to US foreign policy, whatever the blowback. Since last Thursday, Britain has determined its own destiny. It has rejected participation in another murderous and futile US war […]

Ronald Reagan: what 1980s Britain really thought

by David Osler.

Spitting Image – a widely-watched satirical television show of the 1980s – famously suggested that Ronald Reagan fancied Margaret Thatcher something rotten. ‘What a fine lookin’ woman,’ the punch line to one particularly celebrated latex puppet sketch ran. ‘Pity I’m only screwing her country.’ Juvenile sexist witticisms of that kind are usually beneath the dignity of the […]

British paranoia over “special relationship”

by Mark Seddon.

According to the latest Wikileaks, Conservative party politicians lined up before the general election last May to promise that they would run a “pro-American regime” and buy more arms from the US if they came to power this year. The leaked Embassy dispatches also reveal – in what the Guardian says is “in humiliating detail” […]

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