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It’s the country’s deficit not the government’s that matters – devalue to re-industrialise

by Bryan Gould.

The imminent crisis in what is still laughingly called the British steel industry is being greeted just as other similar developments have been for decades – with consternation and anger, with concern for the implications for social cohesion in general and for workers’ families in particular, but with no recognition that this is just the […]

Thoughts on an independent Scotland’s currency

by Andy Newman.

I am somewhat mystified by the argument from the Scottish National Party that in the event of Independence they want to keep a shared currency union with the UK. Although I have made no detailed study of the issue, I am surprised that after decades of arguing for Independence, the Scottish nationalists seem so under-prepared […]

The pound in your pocket is lowering your living standards

by Michael Burke.

The British pound has begun to fall once more on the international currency markets. It may be further helped on its way by the loss of the AAA credit rating. This will have important domestic economic consequences. The currency is also being talked down by a number of officials, effectively including both the current governor of […]

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