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The coming tabloid assault on charities

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

A couple of straws in the wind, perhaps, but I have a feeling something’s a-brewing. Exhibit one: Olive Cooke, a 92-year-old poppy seller and giver to charitable causes took her own life after, apparently, being repeatedly pestered by cold callers asking for more cash (she already gave to 27 charities every month) and receiving dozens […]

Never buy the Sun

by Jon Lansman.

Billy Bragg’s message is simple but seems to have stood the test of recent times pretty well.

Ryan Giggs, Imogen Thomas and the class politics of celebrity culture

by David Osler.

There were a few years in my life in which I was vaguely interested in the private lives of rock and movie stars. Broadly speaking, I had grown out of that kind of stuff by the time I made it to college. Sometimes I hear tell that friends of mine participate in clandestine relationships with […]

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