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A letter to Andrew Lloyd Webber on Tax Credits

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Dear Andrew, Re: Tax Credits Vote in the House of Lords Never a fan, so this ain’t going to pull lines punning your substantial contributions to musical theatre. Instead, I’ve avoided them and and baked in a healthy dollop of fury and disgust. That is because you sir, with your 650 millions, power to make […]

The Tories don’t have the political capital to reform the House of Lords

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It takes a special kind of stupid to turn discontent over an ill-thought and mean-spirited policy into a crisis that rocks the foundations of the Mother of all Parliaments. Such is the blindness of George Osborne’s overrated “genius” that the Tories have plunged themselves into a serious political crisis. They have threatened all kind of […]

The Tories’ tax credit cut will cause problems for them in 2020

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s proven to be the closest shave of Dave’s second term and would have thrown the government into chaos had the ayes won it. Tonight’s vote in the Commons, brought before the House by Labour, saw the noes (i.e. keep the cuts to working tax credits) win by 317 to 295 – a tiny sliver […]

Labour must start to claw back the national narrative on austerity

by Amy Dunne.

This week has marked the beginning of the slow process of exposing the Conservatives as they are, and it’s certainly not as the party of the working people they so ardently claim to be. During Question Time, a small business owner named Michelle almost burst into tears as she made a heartfelt plea to Conservative Minister Amber Rudd not to […]

What is behind Osborne’s move to the centre-ground?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Is the loss of Lord Adonis from the Labour side of the Lords really a coup for George Osborne? Not really. A tsunami failed to erupt from the impact point in the cross benches, sweeping away the shiny new works of our equally shiny new leadership. The political damage is limited because he’s not terribly […]

Does the acting Labour leader believe in anything?

by David Pavett.

Harriet Harman’s interview on the Sunday Politics of 12 July, has rapidly and justifiably gained notoriety on social media. It is important that there is a strong reaction from Labour MPs to the interview. The absence of such a reaction would be a very bad omen for Labour. Harman’s line of reasoning can be paraphrased and summarised […]

Another hit for low-paid workers revealed – one of Osborne’s £12bn hidden benefit cuts

by Michael Meacher.

Following my post on the further £12bn welfare cuts promised by Osborne if the Tories win, I received an email from one of those persons who read it, Sue Tuke, with some devastating new revelations about how the proposed cuts to Universal Credit when self-employed claimants miss their monthly targets will likely be part of […]

Minimum wage: a matter of age?

by Megan Davies.

Younger workers, however, have it worst of all. 16 and 17 year olds will see no increase in their meagre minimum wage of £3.68 an hour while 18 to 20 year olds will still be paid only £4.98 per 60 minutes of unrewarding toil.

This poorest-hating government is twisting poll tax screw to hit them harder

by Michael Meacher.

Can you believe it? The Tory view of society seems to be a version of Dante’s Inferno, with seven descending circles into Hell. At the top are the 0.003% of the population whose wealth on the latest estimates is now valued at £414bn, including gains in the last 3 years of £155bn. These are very […]

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