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London: tax haven-on-the-Thames

by Michael Meacher.

The latest evidence of massive tax avoidance going on right under our noses – uninvestigated, undetected, unaddressed – is truly staggering. A Financial Times analysis of Land Registry data has found that that at least £122bn of property in England and Wales, a sum equal to no less than 8% of Britain’s entire GDP, is held […]

UK Uncut targets Vodaphone in new wave of tax dodging protests

by Jon Lansman.

The announcement that anti-austerity direct action group UK Uncut is to target Vodaphone in a new wave of protests follows wide anger at news of Gary Barlow’s tax dodge. The campaign expects hundreds to take action against the mobile phone company in a “national day of action” on 14 June in protest against their tax dodging activities. UK Uncut, backed by […]

Osborne, hypocrite over tax avoidance, caught out

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne likes to tell us he’s keen on cracking down on tax avoidance. Ha, ha. He’s allowed multinationals with a finance subsidiary in a tax haven (and 98% of the FTSE-100 have one) to pay corporation tax at just 5.5% instead of the current 23% – meaning you needn’t worry about tax avoidance because I’m […]

A bill to challenge tax avoidance

by Michael Meacher.

Despite the budget deficit not reducing over the last three years, the government has still not tackled the huge black hole of tax avoidance and evasion. That’s why I am promoting a bill to ensure that the tax liabilities both of the wealthiest individuals and the biggest corporations are made public and that the beneficial […]

Cameron’s brouhaha on corporate tax avoidance: but does he really mean it?

by Michael Meacher.

Given the government’s media blitz over the last few days you might be forgiven for thinking that Cameron was about to pull off a coup in cracking down on corporate tax avoidance at the G8. We shall see. This is a case where it pays to read the small print. Ostensibly he is trying: to […]

Prince Charles: tax dodging, accountability and arrogance

by Jon Lansman.

The royal family, opinion polls told us last year, is enjoying its highest ever level of support – 80% favour the country remaining a monarchy including 74% of Labour supporters so this is not a propitious time to launch a campaign for a republic in Britain. However, Charles Windsor seems to be doing his best on […]

Tax avoiders must be prohibited from the NHS

by Michael Meacher.

Only the Tories would be brazen enough to use the NHS as another source of tax avoidance. But that’s exactly what they are doing, with a report going to Hunt later this month recommending that private companies which have always paid corporation tax and VAT on supplies to the NHS should now be exempted from […]

The death of the High Street

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

To lose one household name during a period of supposed economic recovery is unfortunate, but to lose three is careless. With the collapse of Jessops, HMV, and Blockbuster approximately 10,000 people face a very uncertain future. So what’s going on? If you read the BBC’s reporting, it’s all just a case of bad management and outmoded business […]

Hypocrite Osborne gives multinationals massive tax cut

by Michael Meacher.

If you think that cutting the 50% income tax rate by 5% for the super-rich on more than £150,000 a year was the worst thing that Osborne has yet done, think again. He is just about to give £multi-billion trans-national companies a tax cut from the current 23% to just 5.75% on the internal financing […]

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Starbucks owe £1bn tax, but pay only £33m

by Michael Meacher.

The banks and big business are making monkeys out of the government. Of the Big 4 technology giants, Apple (according to Sunday Times research) is estimated to have dodged £570m tax last year. Analysis of data filed by the company in the US suggests that the UK would normally account for one-tenth of Apple’s global […]

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