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Ted Cruz and rational actor theory

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Putting ‘rationality’ and ‘Ted Cruz’ together in the same sentence feels like I’m violating a law of nature. But now the USA has stepped back from the precipice … again, it’s worth looking at “abnormal” and “irrational” forms of social behaviour But I would like to do so through the prism of rational actor theory. On the […]

Lessons from Obama’s victory

by Michael Meacher.

It’s not simply that Obama won, nor even that he won by a far larger margin than the media (ever eager to exaggerate electoral uncertainty to increase newspaper sales) had predicted. It’s the small print of the election which is so interesting. Social liberalism prevailed over hardline conservatism.

Hear Irish president Michael D Higgins demolish the Tea Party

by Newsdesk.

This clip from 2010 has gone viral in the past few days – and for good reason. Michael D Higgins, then foreign affairs spokesman for the Irish Labour party, and now President of Ireland, takes on Tea Party radio host Michael Graham in a studio debate. As he dismantles Tea Party ideology on the Middle […]

The Tea Party brings you the freedom to die

by Jon Lansman.

An extract from the CNN Tea Party debate deep in the heart of Florida last Monday night. Between, amongst others, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Congressman Ron Paul and Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann, ex-Utah governor Jon Huntsman, and former speaker Newt Gingrich. The real “stars”, however, are the audience. When Ron Paul is […]

Uncompromising fanaticism in favour of the rich now rules on both sides of the Atlantic

by Michael Meacher.

There was rejoicing when the US House of Representatives finally passed the deal to lift the debt ceiling, just as there was when Osborne sat down in the House at the end of his June 2010 budget. Relief all round for the Republican Tea Party and the Tory Right because the monstrous excesses of their […]

What happens if the US defaults II

by Michael Meacher.

The sovereign debt crisis is moving up a gear this weekend. As the fundamentals of the eurozone crisis remain unaddressed, as opposed to superficial remedies for the symptoms, the failure to raise the US debt ceiling within the next 4 days, which looks increasingly likely, could seriously destabilise the global financial system since American treasury […]

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