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What if Jeremy Corbyn wins? What then?

by David Pavett.

The likely election of Jeremy Corbyn is an exciting prospect. The thought of a break with the years of dull mental acquiescence to the dominant ideology cannot but give immense pleasure to all us lefties. But when the wave of nice thoughts has subsided I am left with a more sombre thought: are we up […]

Who are you calling a Red Tory?

by Ben Sellers.

There’s a glorious and comforting myth doing the rounds on the left. It’s like warm milk and honey to those who like their politics black and white, with little or no space for any grey. It goes a bit like this: the Labour left offered no opposition to Blairism north and south of the Border. […]

“We are the vote for hope”: Interview with Pablo Iglesias of Podemos

by Tom Gill.

He’s MEP of the European Left in the GUE-NGL grouping “that defends the dignity of the people and democracy”. He’s also leader of Spain’s Podemos movement, which to general surprise won 8% in the Continent-wide elections in May and is accredited in opinion polls today as the leading political force in the country with a […]

Labour and the Uses of Left Populism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

A confirmed ex-Trot your writer undoubtedly is, I have kept a soft spot for jolly old left populism. Which is funny considering Britain’s Trots have only episodically had mass audiences for their wares. That is before slipping back unremarked and little-remembered into obscurity. But populism is easy enough to grasp. It’s us-vs-themism, the innocent, much […]

The left needs to go on the offensive

by Dominic Curran.

I was recently pondering how, from the rule of Thatcher, the centre of British politics has been dragged rightwards as all political parties have accepted neoliberalism. One Nation Toryism lies all but dead; the LibDems seem to have succumbed almost totally to the “Orange Book” tendency; and then of course there was the rise of […]

The far left and capitalist crisis

by David Osler.

Recent capitalist history has thrown up sharper economic declines and higher levels of unemployment than the ones we are currently witnessing in Greece and Spain. It’s just that they haven’t occurred in nice Mediterranean countries that Britons visit for beach holidays and long weekends.

The working-class and the left

by Owen Jones.

It’s easy to write a post like this and invite a barrage of accusations of hypocrisy. I’ve always been open about my background. I’m middle-class, full-stop; when I was growing up, my mother lectured at Salford University, and my father worked in economic regeneration at Sheffield Council. My family did go through “financial hardship” (for want of […]

Ed Miliband: against factionalism… except for certain factions?

by Jon Lansman.

Ed Miliband is against factionalism. Succeeding Blair and Brown, he has to be. As has been pointed out, the “paradox of post-factionalism” is that everyone counts heads to make sure he is. And to be fair, he’s even opened the door to some of those whom the Blairites judged unpersons — though he hasn’t shown […]

The 2010 Generation

by David Osler.

The Black Bull pub on Whitechapel High Street was always a pretty down at heel boozer, standing out as noticeably grubby even in the days when most pubs in that area fairly merited that description. Unsurprisingly, it was turned into an Indian restaurant several years ago, and that’s no great loss to East End drinkers.

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