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What we can learn from the Olympics – the benefits of state intervention

by Michael Meacher.

After an unexpectedly brilliant Olympics – 29 golds and 65 medals, unprecedented for more than a century since 1908 – pleading questions are being asked whether it will bring about a transformation of Britain. It will not. It has certainly provided an enormous morale boost for the national psyche and made a naturally self-deprecating and […]

What David Miliband’s intervention really means

by Owen Jones.

Those of us who have suggested David Miliband’s latest political intervention may have – let’s say – ulterior motives have received a bit of flak. Must he stay silent just because any public pronouncement may be misconstrued by the media? Why can’t he contribute to the debate about the party’s future like anyone else?

Labour’s national mission

by Michael Meacher.

Ed Miliband is right to assert in today’s Guardian that Labour needs to set out a clear national mission. There has been a lot of talk recently about a new ideological vision to win back the five million votes lost between 1997-2010. Some on the conservative Right, like Blue Labour with its emphasis on family, […]

We need an ideological revival, but not what’s being offered

by Michael Meacher.

Whilst Big Society may be a vacuous slogan, Cameron’s commitment to deconstruct the State, as he told us explicitly three weeks ago, is very real.   Following hard on the dismantling of the NHS, he made clear that there would be no public service, with the sole exception of national security and the judiciary, which could […]

Accountability breakdown: they keep getting away with it

by Michael Meacher.

Four breakdowns in the last three days all point to the same central flaw which is now endemic in British society.   Public order policing is out of control and clearly would have remained so for many years had not the undercover police spy Mark Kennedy gone native.    Phone hacking of public figures we also now see has […]

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