The class politics of CLASS

After decades in which the very word ‘class’ has been virtually unmentionable in polite Labour Party circles, the symbolism behind the acronym that arises from launching a body under the name of the Centre for Labour and Social Studies is entirely obvious.

Even some of those sympathetic to its birth argue privately that the title is a mistake, as it will lead the media automatically to dismiss its output as the work of recidivist crypto-Trot headbangers.

But let’s face it, the Daily Mail is certain to slate its output, even if it had somehow contrived to be known to the world as BUTTERCUP. Continue reading

Register thinktanks as well as lobbyists

George Monbiot in (yet another) forceful defence of democratic transparency draws attention to Atlantic Bridge,  founded by the disgraced Liam Fox and registered with the Charity Commission as a thinktank,  but actually a lobby organisation demanding the usual right-wing menu of deregulation, privatisation, tax breaks, and cuts in public expenditure (apart from defence of course). Continue reading