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Why party conferences still matter

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I’ve been meaning to write an inconsequential reply to Labour MP turned ex-blogger Tom Harris about party conferences. He writes in last week’s Telegraph about how party conference is “not for him” and that as a phenomenon they’re largely useless nowadays anyway. He does make some useful points. Conference really is for the most committed of political bods. […]

Nominations close in Scottish Labour leadership election

by Jon Lansman.

Nominations closed today in the contest for Leader and Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour, with three valid candidates for each contest Johann Lamont is narrowly ahead in nominations for the Leadership and both she and Davidson have also got the backing of the GMB, although Anas Sarwar is well ahead in nominations for the deputy […]

The dangerously ignorant Tom Harris

by Darrell Goodliffe.

What happened in Oslo was horrific beyond belief. On that, there is agreement across all the political divides.  However,when it comes to the cause and the consequences, there is little agreement. For many, Tom Harris MP has epitomised the crassness of the right-wing response to the tragedy. As the events unfolded, he waded in with a […]

The ‘No to AV’ campaign needs to engage with Labour voters and fast….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

In May, alongside the local and (in Scotland and Wales at least) national elections, there is the small matter  of a referendum to change our voting system to consider. We know that the first electoral test for the Coalition will motivate Labour voters to turn-out and Labour activists to ensure a high turnout. Turnout will […]

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