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Benn’s Bandwagon – behind the scenes in 1981 deputy leadership campaign (video)

by Jon Lansman.

A really good documentary first shown on 28 April 1981, in the second month of the contest and at the point when it began to dawn on the pundits that Tony Benn was going to come close to winning. Frank Chapple, leader of the hard right electricians union says on camera that if Benn won the TGWU […]

Tony Benn: Will and Testament, at a cinema near you next week

by Newsdesk.

Tony Benn, the longest serving Labour MP in history, is also, arguably, the most popular UK politician of all time. Across the globe and in particular over the last five years his brand of socialism has struck a cord with people of all ages and social backgrounds. For the first time ever through intimate, quasi […]

Tony Benn – a titan of our movement

by Jeremy Corbyn.

On the day of Tony Benn’s funeral, Jeremy Corbyn fondly remembers his fellow rebel MP and close friend Tony Benn – including their late-night escapade to put up a commemorative plaque to Emily Wilding Davison in a parliamentary broom cupboard. The death of Tony Benn is devastating to me, obviously to his family and to […]

Benneconomics – a tribute

by Andrew Fisher.

I got to know Tony Benn well when I worked as a researcher to the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs in the mid-2000s. I’d first met him when he was about to stand down from Parliament “to devote more time to politics“, a promise which he fulfilled. He filled venues around the country with […]

Tony Benn funeral: call for people to line route on Thursday

by Newsdesk.

The funeral service for Tony Benn will take place at St Margaret’s Church in Westminster at 11am on Thursday 27 March. Tony Benn’s body will be taken by hearse from the gates of New Palace Yard, with family members following on foot. This afternoon, Owen Jones issued a call for people to line the route around […]

Weekend viewing: Labour’s Lost Leader and other tributes to Tony Benn

by Jon Lansman.

If you haven’t seen them before, settle down for a fascinating weekend’s viewing of some highpoints of Tony Benn TV retrospectives — the best YouTube has to offer — including: Labour’s Lost Leader, the best of the posthumous retrospectives; a fascinating round table discussion between Tony Benn, Roy Hattersley and David Owen that coincided with […]

Dennis Skinner on Tony Benn

by Dennis Skinner.

Dennis Skinner paid the following tribute to Tony Benn in the House of Commons this morning. I hesitate to join in this business, because in many ways I thought of Benn in the early Labour party conferences as somebody who, unlike those of us who came from the trade union movement, was part of the […]

On Luke Akehurst’s charge sheet against Benn

by Duncan Hall.

I was not at all surprised to see an article on Labourlist, by Luke Akehurst, rehashing many of the old arguments about “the damage” that Tony Benn allegedly did to the Labour Party.  Akehurst presented a “charge sheet” against Benn (and, by implication at least, against Bennites). Every point on his “charge sheet” is – […]

My friend, the ‘most dangerous man in Britain’

by Max Shanly.

I had the honour, the privilege even, of getting to know Tony Benn over the course of the last year of his life. The friendship that developed between us, despite the quite large gap in age, was one I have grown to cherish more than almost any other, and one I shall deeply miss. I […]

I am still a Bennite

by Jon Lansman.

I am a Bennite. I think I became one in 1977 or 1978, aged 19 or 20, still a student, when we called him Wedgie. And I still describe myself as a Bennite today. Becoming a Bennite, though it’s hard to say it without a smile, was more about policies than personality, just as Benn […]

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