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Spiralling executive pay can only be curbed by having it determined by employees

by Michael Meacher.

The latest figures on executive pay are so preposterous that they should provoke uproar. It is now largely hidden from public scrutiny but an example recently published concerns Bob Dudley, chief executive of BP, who was given a total remuneration package of $15.2m in 2014: his basic salary was ‘only’ $1.8m, but his deferred bonus and other share […]

We need a ceiling on top-to-average pay ratio, starting at 20:1 and falling

by Michael Meacher.

Sir Philip Hampton, chairman of RBS, really let the cat out of the bag last week. He told a conference that he had had an ‘out of body experience’ when recently he was importuned by bankers with £4 million pay packages complaining that it was ‘very, very unfair’ because another bank was paying £6 million. […]

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