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Cameron claims transparency, but constantly blocks Establishment being held to account

by Michael Meacher.

Why if you can’t get a job and are 5 minutes late for a job interview or work programme do you get ‘sanctioned’ and have all your benefit (for which you’ve contributed all though your working life via national insurance contributions) taken away for 4 weeks and left with no money at all, whereas if […]

Ed and the mystery of unpublished Refounding Labour submissions

by Peter Kenyon.

Come on. It’s the silly season. How many Labour Party members does it take to publish what they think? More than are currently paid up. On present showing, Labour can’t afford openness and transparency, it’s still paying off its debts. Oh, how Ed must yearn for the days of “Tony wants”, and “Gordon says”. Remember […]

Labour Uncut – Transparency, Real and Fake

by Jon Lansman.

A notable addition to the Labour blogosphere since the general election is Labour Uncut. Although it is far from transparent about who is behind it, it is the creation of Sion Simon who was the Blairite MP for Erdington until May 6. It is well-informed, interesting reading, “uncut”, “inside” and “unbound”, and closer to the sort […]

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