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The provocation the US felt from Cuba in 1962 is what Russia sees from Ukraine now

by Michael Meacher.

So Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the EU Commission, wants to set up a European army in the face of the threat posed by Moscow. Quite apart from the fact that this would partly duplicate NATO and the suspicion that it is motivated more by the desire to centralise key powers at EU level since in […]

Putin’s brinkmanship explained

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The guns aren’t entirely silent, but it appears that the ceasefire in East Ukraine is mostly holding. In a conflict that has claimed at least 5,000 lives and threatened to consume even more, the deal struck in Minsk between the Merkel/Hollande-backed Ukrainian government and the pro-Russian rebels assisted by Putin will hopefully hold and the […]

No UK troops for Nato’s Ukraine war games

by Jon Lansman.

Stop the War Coalition are calling for signatures for a petition against the NATO joint exercises with Ukrainian troops within Ukraine which is not a member of NATO, and against British involvement in these exercises. This action is provocative, and makes a political solution to the crisis more difficult to achieve. That is not in […]

Russia’s de-dollarization plan and its implications for the world

by Tom Gill.

By Juan Torres. Translated from the Spanish original at El Publico by Tom Gill Although the Western media is barely addressing it, Russia has been discussing in the last few weeks the adoption of a series of economic measures that would involve a significant change in direction and a powerful response to the sanctions and threats […]

The view from inside the head of Vladimir Putin

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

You run an authoritarian regime in a vast country beset with economic problems, corruption, and ethnically-based insurgencies. The nation on your doorstep – which formerly used to be an integral part of the multinational state ran from your capital for 70 years – has been intriguing with your long-term opponents in the international arena. Former […]

Western hypocrisy towards Putin is breathtaking

by Michael Meacher.

Thunderous Western denunciations of Putin’s actions over Ukraine ring hollow in the light of a decade of utterly unprovoked aggression against Iraq, let alone other bloody interventions in Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan (repeated lethal drone strikes killing far more innocent civilians than Taliban), and Afghanistan (13 years of war), none of which was authorised by […]

It’s no time to take heed of the tin-pot generals

by Jeremy Corbyn.

In Parliament this week, there were a number of tin-pot generals using the opportunity of the Ukrainian crisis to insist that Britain should rapidly and exponentially increase military expenditure. But as with all international crises, it’s important to recognise the history lurking behind the drama. Ukraine’s national borders have ebbed and flowed with the tides […]

The tip-toe invasion of the Ukraine

by Dan McCurry.

Russia’s recent actions are an example of self-harm no different from a young woman who scratches her own flesh till it bleeds, for no better excuse than it makes her feel good. This from a young person with a difficult background, who has great opportunities before her, if she chose to take that route, but […]

What’s the End Game for Ukraine?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Who actually wants a war in Ukraine? Despite sending the troops in in the first place, I’m not convinced Putin does. The Russian and blockaded Ukrainian troops in Crimea don’t – as these remarkable scenes from earlier show. Russians and Ukrainians East and West don’t. The new government, excepting Svoboda (Freedom) and the fascist street militias, don’t. […]

Ukraine and the Threat of War

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Of all the ways to mark the outbreak of the First World War in its centennial year, starting another is the least appropriate way I can think of. But the dogs of war are straining at the leash, and the drums are loudly echoing across the Black Sea’s northern shores. The decision of Vladimir Putin […]

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