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Means-testing winter fuel payments is another Labour own goal

by Michael Meacher.

Ed Balls didn’t have to say it. It will save a piffling amount of money relative to the size of the budget deficit which is still plateaued at £122bn. Inasmuch as it’s a Tory-style policy, it’s doing the Tories’ dirty work for them. And it’s another nail (admittedly not the first or the only one) […]

Universalism and Tory small state ideology

by Ben Folley.

The Tory attack on universal benefits this weekend is part of an ongoing ideological assault on the public sector, dressed up as an attempt to cut the deficit through the destructive austerity program. Iain Duncan Smith’s attempt to play down the story today is clever, but the proposal is out there and the narrative set. […]

What’s the welfare state without universalism?

by Tom King.

A few weeks ago, Jon Cruddas appeared on Newsnight to float a number of policy ideas mostly related to the future of the Welfare State. On the whole there was little to give comfort to the millions of people suffering from brutal Tory austerity – the take home line was “foodbanks are here to stay”. […]

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