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University pays staff poverty wages – and spends £3 million on wine

by Daisy Hughes and Barney McCay.

Last year, the University of Cambridge spent almost £3 million on wine. It also employs a total of over one thousand people paid under the living wage. King’s College, the university’s most recognisable institution, has both the highest expenditure on wine, and the highest number of employees paid under the living wage. While the college’s […]

The British state is rapidly alienating a whole new generation

by Conrad Landin.

Seven days ago, the Guardian revealed that Cambridgeshire Constabulary had attempted to infiltrate activist and student groups through the recruitment of informers. The news prompted outcry from students, academics and campaigners alike. If you haven’t yet seen the videos secretly recorded by the Guardian’s mole, they provide a fascinating insight into the inner workings of […]

Student “debt-in” in protest at loanbook privatisation

by Keith Wright.

Students and staff at the University of Cambridge this week (Tuesday 5th November) staged a “debt-in” on King’s Parade, in opposition to the government’s plan to privatise student loans, which could see interest on such loans being retrospectively doubled. This comes after a number of actions taking place in London last month, including the targeting […]

Anti-fascists: five reasons we’re protesting Marine Le Pen

by Newsdesk.

Marine Le Pen is due to speak at the Cambridge Union Society today. Unite Against Fascism, Cambridge University Students’ Union activists, the NUS Black Students’ Campaign, the UCU, Cambridge Defend Education and others will join a demo outside from 2.30pm. Demonstrators explain why: The Front National (FN) is a modern fascist party. It was formed […]

Gove’s ideological war must be challenged wholesale

by Conrad Landin.

It wasn’t long after Michael Gove took office as Education Secretary before he was called a “miserable pipsqueak” by Labour MP Tom Watson and got savaged by an angry parent on a radio call-in. But last week, when the abolition of the AS-level – an exam taken by lower sixth-form pupils – faced the staunch […]

Port and plotting – does anyone outside the BBC really care?

by Amelia Horgan.

On Thursday night, the media’s seemingly never ending obsession with the universities of Oxford and Cambridge delved new depths. The programme in question was BBC2’s ‘Wonderland: Young, Bright and on the Right’. Young Tories have, perhaps deservedly, never met the best press reception – see Harry Enfield’s ToryBoy or its real life incarnation in a young William Hague’s speech to the 1977 Conservative Party conference – but this show’s anthropological study of the young right’s high fliers tells us very little.

Protest is being crushed by a culture of examples

by Conrad Landin.

We have seen a worrying trend of establishment institutions making examples of high-profile protest cases, scaring future protestors from taking action at all.

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