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Polls: Obama would win a world vote, and might scrape home in the US too

by Jon Lansman.

A UPI/CVoter/Gallup poll of people in more than 30 countries shows U.S. President Barack Obama would win by 81% to 19% if they were allowed to vote in the U.S. election. The highest levels of support were in Iceland (98%), Netherlands, Portugal & Germany (97%), Ireland & Denmark (96%), and Switzerland, France and Finland (95%). The only […]

Wake the fuck up, says Samuel Jackson

by Newsdesk.

Get off your ass and start campaigning for Obama, is the message of this great video. Not an official ad, but one promoted by the Jewish Council for Research and Education. Excellent.

Blairite lessons from US Presidential Election miss the whole point

by Michael Meacher.

David Miliband and Douglas Alexander have just spent a lengthy time in the US at the Republican and Democratic presidential conventions trying to draw lessons from them for the Labour Party. Nothing wrong with that, except that the lessons they draw are perverse.

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