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British democracy requires a Corbyn victory

by Andy Newman.

Yesterday marked a turning point in the Labour leadership battle. Neither of the trade unions with a leaning towards the Blairite wing of the party backed Liz Kendall. Community announced that they were backing Yvette Cooper, and Usdaw announced that they were backing Andy Burnham. This follows Kendall’s relatively poor performance in gaining nominations from […]

RMT and TSSA talking of merger

by Andy Newman.

News that rail unions, RMT and TSSA, who between them have about 110000 members are starting talks about a possible future merger is very interesting, and any such move might also drag in the 18000 strong craft union, ASLEF,  to create a powerful new transport union.

Unilever rewards shareholders & managers but ends workers pension scheme

by Jon Lansman.

Unilever has announced they propose to close their final salary pension scheme to future benefit accrual from 1 January 2012. The scheme, which has 5,000 members, was closed to new entrants in 2008 but the company claims the scheme has become ‘increasingly unaffordable and unsustainable’. Unilever says it has paid in £580 million over the past […]

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