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Stopping Pfizer takeover of AstraZeneca is test case for safeguarding UK strategic interests

by Michael Meacher.

It is incredible that a US company can quite openly flaunt a major British strategic company as a bargaining chip to reduce its internal US tax liabilities. But that is exactly Pfizer’s position in trying to take over AstraZeneca, Britain’s second biggest pharmaceutical company which alone provides 2.3% of UK exports, £2.8bn of UK R&D, […]

Cable still doesn’t get the extent of corporate greed

by Michael Meacher.

Vince Cable, to give him credit, is the one member of the Cabinet who is seriously concerned about pay extremism in the boardroom. The rest are seriously in favour of it. But the measures he has so far put in place, albeit harried at every turn by the Tory Right, will achieve little. He has […]

Royal Mail: deliberately underpriced to give profiteers a maximum return

by Michael Meacher.

The truth is now slowly emerging about the Osborne/Cable disastrously mishandled Royal Mail sale. No less a bank than JP Morgan, arguably (until its recent fall from grace) the world’s top investment banker, told ministers before the flotation that the company should be valued at £10bn, three times the price finally settled on by the […]

The coming Lib Dem – Tory war

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Believe it or not, there is one time of the year the political commentariat are more insufferable than the nonsense of the silly season. And that’s when it’s Liberal Democrat conference. And it is painful, I mean, really painful. Let’s look at the exhibits. Underneath the demand-destroying cuts and general laissez-faire attitude to economics, Vince Cable has been hinting […]

Syria: three questions for Vince Cable

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

And so, a pointless war against Syria has been averted – for now. Not that you would think it as BBC News has been in overdrive since Thursday’s vote. Bulletins jammed with Syrian war porn – classy. But at least some of the media have been doing a proper job at holding the government to […]

The ‘socialism’ of Vince Cable: what’s changed?

by David Osler.

Such is the magnitude of the event that the definitive account of the financial collapse of September 2008 and its consequences has surely yet to be written. I do not mean by stating that to deride numerous worthwhile attempts at a first draft of history. Journalistic efforts such as Paul Mason’s Meltdown, Elliott and Atkinson’s The Gods […]

If the Lib Dems bring down the Tories, then we can talk (and they can save their skins)

by Jon Lansman.

Most people within Labour who advocate working with the Lib Dems focus on 2015. Neal Lawson, for example, in the New Statesman last week, asks Lib Dems “who would you rather form a coalition with in less than two and half years’ time?” Most of the Left are not so keen on working with those […]

Vince Cable is no friend of Labour

by Jon Lansman.

Just because he exchanges a few tweets with Labour’s leader, does that make him a friend of Labour? There was a time, when he did sound like a voice of reason to the Left of New Labour. He raised concerns about the level of private debt long before the credit crunch and he was the […]

Tough on benefits,velvet soft on top pay & tax avoidance

by Michael Meacher.

So Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, cheers us up today by telling us that if a quarter of the annual tax receipts foregone through either avoidance, evasion or uncollected debt were actually levied, it could cut income tax by 2p in the £ (roughly £10bn). It would have been better if he’d said […]

On top pay and a bucket of warm spit in Birmingham

by Michael Meacher.

Vince Cable rightly castigates top pay excesses – and to give him credit, no-one else in this government of millionaires is doing so – but the solutions he put forward yesterday to the LibDem conference are worth little more than a bucket of warm spit. Simplifying complex executive remuneration schemes is not going to stop […]

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