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Labour MPs to table Queen’s speech amendment for votes at 16

by James Elliott.

Labour peers and MPs are planning to table a range of amendments to the Queen’s speech. Due to the government only having a majority of 13, a rebellion of 7 Tory or DUP MPs on a specific issue would give Labour a victory. The Queen’s Speech itself is expected to be “wafer thin”, as Andrew […]

Denying 16-year-olds the vote perpetuates apathy

by Sophie Nash.

One of the main arguments against extending the franchise to 16 year olds is that ‘they’re not interested’ and Ill be blunt; many are not. A lot of 16 year olds find politics dull, they’re uninspired by politicians, bored by rhetoric and believe that ‘they’re all the same’, in regards to political parties. And yet, […]

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