Global inequality and poverty

wealth pyramidThere were two interesting new blog posts this week from Michael Roberts on global wealth inequality, entitled Global wealth inequality and From the extremely wealthy to more than a billion in extreme poverty.

In the latter, he cites a World Bank reports that says there are now 1.2 billion people in extreme poverty – living on less than $1.25 a day, a third of which are children. Despite improvements in living standards for some in India and China, there are now 103 million more extremely poor people in the world’s 35 poorest countries than 30 years ago. Continue reading

The Sunday Times Rich List – the antidote

The best antidote I have seen to the annual Sunday Times Rich List! A beautiful film illustration of the realities of wealth inequality. And in order to eliminate inequality, we don’t have to change the distribution to what most people regard as the ideal. We only have to change it to what people think it is anyway. And only 6% of the people would be any worse off!

OK. It is about the US, but Britain is not very different. Almost 6m viewings so far.

(hat-tip: Socialist Unity)