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Labour should champion a wealth tax

by Michael Meacher.

It is worth remembering that the most popular item in Francois Hollande’s manifesto which propelled him to the French presidency was imposing a high rate of tax on the very richest in the country. Admittedly his popularity has nose-dived since then, but that is for totally different reasons to do with France’s economic straitjacket within […]

Clegg calls for wealth tax, but where’s Labour?

by Michael Meacher.

Why is Clegg making the argument that the rich should contribute towards resolving the deficit in the interests of fairness, but not Labour? The super-rich, roughly the 1% of the working population (around 300,000 individuals) with incomes in excess of £3,000 a week rising to £92,000 a week for the average FTSE 100 chief executive and soaring […]

Why is there not a wealth tax in the UK?

by Michael Meacher.

So President Hollande is increasing taxes on the super-rich, banks and big businesses this year by €7.2bn, about £5.7bn, and also making those with more than €1.3m pay a one-off levy this year. It is wildly popular with the French electorate, with three-quarters approving the squeeze on the rich, including a majority of right-wingers. In […]

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