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The Labour leadership candidates should turn to Barbara Castle

by Calum Sherwood.

As the Labour leadership election picks up pace, and some of the dividing lines between the candidates are beginning to emerge, I feel that it is becoming increasingly necessary for the some of the so-called frontrunners to revisit the career of Barbara Castle. One of the most esteemed figures from Labour’s history, Castle proved that […]

We need an inquiry into the impact of government welfare reforms on poverty

by Michael Meacher.

On Monday, the House of Commons voted by a majority of 123, against the wishes of the Government, to support a motion moved by Michael Meacher. It was not reported by the BBC or any British national newspaper apart from the Daily Mirror. This is Michael Meacher’s speech.  I beg to move: “That this House believes […]

Most foodbank users have had their benefits taken away

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne and IDS (both members of the Nasty Party, and each as nasty as the other) have under the new rules announced at the Tory conference put thousands of young people into a double bind leading in many cases to destitution. With 200,000 long-term unemployed now targeted by Osborne (the same who gave 40,000 millionaires […]

Stereotypes, ignorance and prejudice: five Tory welfare myths

by Michael Meacher.

The central Tory mantra, which will reach a crescendo this weekend as the cascade of cuts kicks in, is that those on benefits are a millstone round the nation’s neck which cannot be afforded, and they should be made to work, with severe sanctions to force them to do so. This ugly vilification of the […]

Osborne’s ‘trap’ of forcing vote on cutting benefits should be turned against him

by Michael Meacher.

Today, what Osborne prided himself was a smart move will be launched to put Labour on the back foot by challenging it to vote against his bill cutting benefits and tax credits by 4% in real terms over the next 3 years and thus be portrayed as the scroungers’ friend. He misjudged.

The seven myths of welfare: when will Labour destroy them?

by Michael Meacher.

Myths and stereotypes abound about welfare benefits, yet Labour shows no passion in refuting them as the lies they are. Myth 1: there is a big problem with families where generations have never worked. The truth is that the Labour Force Survey shows only 0.3% where two or more generations of working age have never […]

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