Watch: the local press, the left and the community come together to defend hospital

In the wake of Leveson, this film from the Camden New Journal and Islington Tribune shows just how important local newspapers can be. The papers played a huge part in the campaign to save the Whittington Hospital in Archway two years ago – and now they’re doing the same again. Their part has made for a genuine community and cross-party campaign – although Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone showed no desire to speak at the rally this time round. It’s no wonder Islington’s Labour leader paid tribute to journalist Tom “Scoop” Foot in her speech!

Why we’re marching to save our hospital today

From 11.30am today, demonstrators will assemble at Highbury Corner in north London, to march to save the Whittington Hospital. Here, the Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition explain why:

In 2010, our massive campaign overturned the government’s proposals to get rid of our Accident and Emergency, Paediatrics, Maternity and Intensive Care services at the Whittington Hospital. Everyone in the area is angry and anxious about the current threats to our hospital. Continue reading

Call for “direct action” to save Whittington Hospital, after huge public meeting

Islington local residents have been urged to launch a campaign of direct action including occupations to save Whittington hospital. Unite South Eastern Regional secretary, Peter Kavanagh, made the call following a packed Save Whittington Hospital public meeting in Islington last night. The Board of the Whittington NHS Trust took the decision to sell off £17 million of hospital buildings, including the closure of three wards, halving patient beds to 177 and axing 570 jobs, up to 200 of them nurses. Continue reading

Fight for our local hospitals – or we’ll lose the human touch

At the end of last year I felt a bit tired. I’d been working hard, looking after the kids and doing a lot of political stuff on top of it. I felt I was spreading myself too thin – something had to give and the politics seemed the obvious choice.

But sadly, in the world we live in at the moment, we don’t really have a choice. I’ve said many, many times that the personal is political. And reading this story in my local paper – the selling off of half my local hospital – has made me determined to get out there and get campaigning again.

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